What is the point of Acupuncture ?
Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat all kinds of ailments. It is safe, cost effective and provides patient relief without dangerous side effects.

Vital energy and/or Life Force called Qi (pronounced "chi") must move freely throughout the body to maintain health and wellness. Acupuncture helps to maintain free flow of Qi. If there is a blockage or "stagnation" of Qi, an excess or deficiency of Qi, inflammation, dysfunction and /or disease will develop.

Why is Qi Important to Me? 
Physical stress, emotional stress, diet, lifestyle and genetics all affect Qi. If negative emotions such as worry, anger, guilt or sadness are not dealt with, they will inhibit the free flow of Qi, just as physical stress on the body such as posture, repetitive motion and poor diet will. When the flow and balance of Qi is disrupted, for example: if you worry a lot, eat too many greasy or sugary foods it often leads to spleen dampness which damages spleen Qi and can lead to poor digestion, sinus problems, and weight gain and fertility issues.

Dietary and lifestyle recommendations will be determined by patient history, pulse, tongue diagnosis and visual inspection. 

What should I expect During an Acupuncture Treatment?
Acupuncture treatment consists of very thin sterile needles (approximately the thickness of a hair) placed at presribed points along invisible paths (called meridians) on the body. These meridians are the channels through which Qi flows. Needles are usually positioned just beneath the surface of the skin and most of the time the patient hardly even feels the needles being inserted. To enhance the benefits of the needles, small clips are attatched to a few of the needles to enable electric stimulation, which helps to balance and move Qi. Once the needles are inserted the patient lays comfortably for a minimum of 20 minutes and typically uses this quiet time to relax to the music, meditate or doze off. 

A typical acupuncture treatment plan consists of two visits per week for two weeks, then one visit per week until symptoms resolve. The duration of treatment varies for individuals and is dependent upon one's age, health, lifestyle and persistence of the complaint.

What is the Pay Off? 
Individuals respond differently immediately following their acupuncture treatment. Some find themselves to be more relaxed and may even desire a nap later and others find increased energy and endurance. Over the course of treatments patients will notice benefits such as decreased symptoms, enhanced digestion, increased energy, better sleep and some find the will power to quit smoking or the ability to conceive when other treatments have not been successful. Acupuncture benefits are both immediate and cumulative. Some patients notice change the first day, such as a full night's sound sleep, as other benefits such as the chief complaint (for example pain) may be realized in consecutive treatments. 


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